radkids-logoradKIDS® is a national leader in children’s safety education and provides a practical and realistic life skills safety program for children and parents.

radKIDS® teaches children:

  • When a child is approached or grabbed, the response needs to be immediate, instinctual and absolute. This instinctual response can be “taught” and enhanced through individual demonstration, training, and practice.

“Please don’t tell me to stay safe – teach me, or how will I know?”

As is proven by a NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) study:

  • The 1st few seconds of a potentialy violent encounter are critical.
  • “There is an average of 1 sex offender per square mile in the U.S.”

How would your child answer these questions:

  • Is this a stranger?
  • Are strangers always mean?
  • Are strangers always bad?

What’s Involved:

  • A 10-hour program, usually broken down into 5 to 6 sessions.
  • The radKids program includes a free return and train policy anytime the course is repeated, anywhere in the country through the 6th grade.

For more information about the radKIDS®program, please visit the radKIDS® website or contact Don Witt.

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