Don was an amazing instructor that informed and enlightened our 7th grade girls.  He provided information and techniques for personal safety that had not been introduced to them in the past, through any other organization that they had ever participated in.

I highly recommend his self defense classes for all girls and women of any age, because being educated in these techniques could save your life.

Erica Ehrlich

Girl Scout Troop 54251 / 2nd year Cadettes Leader

My daughter Skylar has been taking self-defense classes with Don Witt for three years now.  She has learned so much from him and has gained so much confidence in herself.  If you are looking for a safe, caring learning environment Witt Defense is the place to go.  Don cares for all his students and their parents.  I have even learned so much just by watching the class.


Thanks to Mr. Witt’s classes, I now have the confidence to stand up for myself at school. I no longer hide my face and back away when confronted because I know how to respond verbally and even physically if needed

Anna, age 12

Taking classes for 3 years

I started sending my daughter to Mr. Witt’s classes so that she would be able to defend herself against bullies at school. Now I have less to worry about when she gets on the bus in the morning. Mr. Witt is great with children and my daughter loves his class. Because of Mr. Witt’s classes, her knowledge and skills in self defense continues to grow, and she will carry all of it with her as she becomes a young woman.

Mother of Anna, age 12

This training is based off of real statistics and prepares you for how harsh reality can be.  The most important lesson that I was taught was to rely on myself! The training builds confidence and with confidence builds instincts.  This class helps to achieve one more level of maturity at any age as we try to prepare for the world ahead.

Elizabeth Butt

Age: 23, Connellsville Area

Every child needs the training offered by Mr. Witt in the Bully Defense program, even if the child isn’t being bullied. My son started taking classes with Mr. Witt to build his confidence. It worked. He has had no problems with bullies because he is confident he can defend himself, and it shows even in the way he carries himself. But anyone can become the victim of a physical attack. At the end of fifth grade, during a fun day, my son was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the school restroom, some boys were fooling around and bumped another student. The student thought my son had hit him. He pushed my son up against a wall and started choking him. This could quickly have become a dire situation, but all of Mr. Witt’s training kicked in. My son cleared the bully’s arm, put the bully in an arm bar, took him to the ground, and held him in a headlock until the bully got tired. Then my son got up and backed out of the restroom. He did everything he’d learned in Bully Defense. He stopped the fight, but he didn’t hurt the bully. He didn’t have to. When the incident was reported and the principal investigated, she found my son did nothing wrong and he didn’t get in any trouble. The bully did. While my son got a bruise on his back and bit the inside of his lip, he healed quickly. Like Mr. Witt says, “It’s a fight. You might get hurt.” It could have been much worse, but Mr. Witt’s training saved my son from serious physical harm and let him walk away from a dangerous situation. I cannot recommend his Bully Defense program enough.


Mother of 11 year-old boy, Smithfield

Mr. Witt your program has been a wonderful experience for our grandson Matthew. He has such confidence in himself today he is now 12 years old soon to be 13. He is in the seventh grade…. He was in your classes when he was 2nd grade thru 4th grade.  I recommend your workshop highly to anyone I can. It was a great experience for Matt and myself.  I enjoy the emails you send us keeping us informed with new safety tips. Matt did experience a really scary event with some students from his sixth grade class over the summer. With the information learned from you helped Matt when school started back up this fall he went to his counselor and brought this event up to him, because Matt has to face these kids in school every day.  He went to that trusted adult like you taught him to.

Thanks so much,and GOD BLESS YOU. You are doing a great job in teaching our children safe in and out of school.  Once again THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

Charlotte P

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